Grants Awarded

Spring 2023 Genomics Innovation Seed Grant Awardees:

  1. Dr. Eirene Markenscoff-Papadimitriou -- Single-cell CUT&TAG profiling of autism-associated transcriptional regulators.
  2. Dr. Jennifer Walsh, Dr. Irby Lovette -- A New Haplotagging Approach to Characterize the Genomic Architecture of an Inversion and Putative Supergene in Songbirds.
  3. Dr. Ilana Brito -- Multiplexed single-cell ATAC-seq to study the fate of macrophages.
  4. Dr. Jingyue Duan -- Establishment of CUT&Tag Protocols in Early Embryos to Study Role of Maternal Factor MOF In Bovine Zygotic Genome Activation.
  5. Dr. Andrew Grimson -- Characterizing 3′UTR mutations with PerturbSci-Kinetics.

Spring 2022 Genomics Innovation Seed Grant Awardees:

  1. Dr. Hojoong Kwak -- 3 Dimensional Chromatin Accessibility in Situ: 3D-Chais.
  2. Dr. Ben Sandkam -- Targeted chromosome-scale sequencing and assembly of sex chromosomes.
  3. Dr. Andrew Grimson -- Optimizing CUT&Tag to investigate gene regulation in primary immune cells.
  4. Dr. Siu Sylvia Lee -- Investigating genomic regulation of heat-induced hormetic memory in C. elegans.

Spring 2021 Genomics Innovation Seed Grant Awardees:

  1. Dr. Benjamin Cosgrove -- New technologies to comprehensively profile the transcriptome in single nuclei.
  2. Dr. Nina Overgaard Therkildsen -- Haplotagging: Affordable haplotype-resolved sequencing on a population-scale.
  3. Dr. Marcus Smolka -- Genome Rearrangement Immuno-Precipitation (GRIP)-seq: A Method to Induce and Quantify Chromosomal Rearrangements in Mammalian Cells.
  4. Dr. Warren Zipfel -- Nanoscale targeted photo-biotinylation, pulldown and sequencing of locus-specific DNA from live cells.

Spring 2020 Genomics Innovation Seed Grant Awardees:

  1. Dr. Ilana Brito -- Tn5-based Hi-C sequencing for high-resolution chromatin conformation capture.
  2. Dr. Nate Cira -- Massively parallel preparation of amplicon libraries in sub-microliter volumes.
  3. Drs. John Lis and Eric Strobel -- Quantitative characterization of RNA-protein interactions across the nascent transcriptome.
  4. Dr. Shu-Bing Qian -- Ezra-seq: rapid ribosome profiling with single nucleotide resolution.
  5. Dr. Kyu Rhee -- Combinational single cell RNAseq technology for Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
  6. Dr. Marcos Simoes-Costa -- Single-cell approaches for epigenomic profiling of early embryonic development.