Funding Opportunities

Spring 2023

2023 Genomics Innovation Seed Grants: Request for Proposals

The Cornell Genomics Innovation (GI) Hub, established by the Provost’s Genome Biology Task Force, invites applications for funding to pursue genomics technology development projects. Proposals are due at 5pm on Monday April 24, 2023, and awards will be announced in late May.

Proposals should focus on the development and/or utilization of cutting-edge genomics applications for research.

Proposals may include novel technologies as well as methods developed in the GI Hub, at Cornell, or elsewhere that are not yet commercialized or offered as services by core facilities or companies. Computational projects may be considered to qualify as technology development if they consist of novel algorithm or method development for genome-scale data. Current technologies in active development in the GI Hub include combinatorial barcoding strategies for single-cell or ultra-high throughput profiling assays [e.g. (sci)ATACseq, (sci)CUT&Tag, (sci)RNAseq, linked-read haplotagging], but proposals are not limited to these applications. Proposals can focus on novel technology development and proof-of-principle experiments, or can deploy cutting-edge genomics methods to investigate a biological question.

Budgets may include up to $15,000 for supplies, reagents, and services (e.g. lab/equipment access or sequencing costs), but should not include custom reagents available in the GI Hub. If the project requires reagents that could be shared among many users (e.g. barcoded oligo sets) and are not already stocked in the GI Hub, these reagents may be acquired by the GI Hub to support a successful proposal and therefore should not be included in the seed grant budget.

Supplemental support may be requested to support a lead scientist (excluding faculty) for their effort on the proposed project. Researchers supported by GI seed grant funds may be invited to participate in monthly WIP meetings for the year of funding and are invited to engage actively in the GIH collaborative model. Up to $10,000 in salary/stipend support may be requested for a named graduate student, post-doc, or staff member.

The GIH collaboration model includes access to the shared resources of the GI lab, such as barcoded oligo sets and supplies for combinatorial indexing strategies and high throughput liquid handling equipment. We charge a daily lab access fee to cover the incremental cost of collaborative projects. To promote collaboration and sharing of novel genomics applications, documentation of methods developed, improved, or implemented using GI funds or shared resources will be retained in the GI Hub and made available to the Cornell research community after publication or no later than 2 years after the award is granted. Awardees will be expected to acknowledge GI funding in presentations and publications of the proposed work.


Full application due: Monday April 24, 2023
Award notification: late May 2023
Award dates: July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024
Progress report due: July 1, 2024


Any member of the Cornell community with PI status may apply.
Co-Investigators are welcome (e.g. lead scientists on the project), but awards will be made to a single PI account.

Application process:

Applications may be submitted through the Cornell Infoready portal after April 10 (search for “Genomics Innovation”), and will consist of:

Contact information and affiliation(s) for PI and co-Investigators
Title and Abstract (1 paragraph)
Proposal - introduction, aims, technology development/research plan (2-3 pages, excluding references)
Collaboration Plan - relevance of the proposed technology to the Cornell community (1 paragraph)
Budget - detailed budget and justification (intern supplement: list personnel and effort on the project)
NIH-format Biosketch - for all investigators and lead scientists, including current and pending support
Recent Cornell seed grant awards - list of seed grants awarded to the PI in the previous 3 years
Supplemental materials (optional) - letters of support, relevant manuscripts/grant submissions/reviews, etc.

More Information:

Questions? Please contact Jen Grenier ( or Adrian McNairn (, or sign up for our office hours (T/Th 1-3pm).